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Let Your Beauty
Blossom From Within

Lucia Light Therapy
Organic Facial & Lucia Light Treatment

Josie is a seasoned expert with over 15 years of 

experience in the beauty and wellness industry. Josie has not only honed her remarkable skills but also earned an impeccable reputation in the field. However, her journey took a fascinating turn when she embarked on a quest for personal discovery and a deeper sense of purpose.

In 2008, Josie delved into a profound inner journey through spirituality, unearthing the hidden beauty within all lives. Driven by her unwavering belief that genuine wealth lies in one's health, she now wholeheartedly dedicates herself to helping individuals achieve holistic well-being—nurturing their body, mind, and soul.

Josie proudly holds the esteemed certification of Wellness & Life Coach, accredited by the prestigious International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Furthermore, her expertise extends to child psychology and counseling, complemented by her completion of the Lead Coach Mastery certification by HANKidz. As a meditation teacher, Josie imparts the transformative power of mindfulness and introspection.

What truly sets Josie apart is her profound training as a Light Facilitator for the Lucia N°03 hypnagogic light machine, which she seamlessly integrates into her holistic approach. With this innovative technology, Josie offers both rejuvenating facial treatments that bring out your inner radiance and transformative Lucia Light sessions that open doors to profound self-discovery.

Step into a world where the realms of external and internal beauty converge under the compassionate care of Josie—a visionary coach, mentor, and illuminator. Embrace the transformative power of her expertise, whether it's through revitalizing facials or the mesmerizing Lucia Light treatment, as she guides you towards a radiant and harmonious life. Your journey to holistic well-being begins here.

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