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Art provides the opportunity to plunge into the freedom of the mind.  If you see Lucia Light Therapy as an experience of art, you can gain direct access to the mind and attitude.

The development of hypnosis and art was very similar:  just as the artist in classic art, in classic hypnosis the hypnotist is the main protagonist.  In modern hypnosis, introduced by American psychiatrist and psychotherapist Milton Erickson (1901-1980), the hypnotist makes the client offers. In doing so, client and hypnotist form a unit.  The nature of hypnosis is experienced by the client in a completely individual way.  it is similar to modern art. The artist's role extends to consumers of the art, whereby the consumer of art must first recognise what is presented in order to enjoy it.

Art, which integrates the actively challenges the beholder in what is happening, is reflected by an increasingly emancipated society.

Lucia Light Therapy takes this development one step further and gives the viewer an experience that is generated entirely by oneself, by enabling one to create one's work of art each moment and enjoy it at the same time. In art , this approach is called "NeuroArt".  The evolving human wants and needs to be able to start, control and direct one's self-experience and artistic experience of its own!

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