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Lucia Light Therapy

Lucia 光疗

  • 1 hour
  • 245 Malaysian ringgits
  • Kuala Lumpur (Heart Sanctuary)

Service Description 服务说明

I am committed to delivering a comprehensive and individualized approach to Lucia Light Therapy. Our transformative journey begins with an initial consultation, where we dedicate time to deeply understand your present circumstances, challenges, and aspirations. This consultation enables us to create a personalized plan that addresses your specific needs and objectives. During the consultation, we will explore the areas you wish to work on and the outcomes you desire to achieve through Lucia Light Therapy. This essential step ensures that our sessions are tailored to align with your unique circumstances, fostering optimal effectiveness and personal growth. Subsequent therapy session includes dedicated one-on-one support from me, providing clarity and guidance as you navigate your experiences and realizations during Lucia Light Therapy. The primary objective is to delve into the core aspects that shape your current situation. Lucia Light Therapy will aid you in discovering and becoming aware of the factors contributing to your circumstances. You will then learn to employ appropriate tools to manage your emotions, thoughts, automatic reactions, responses, and judgments that influence your life. While we recommend a series of 5-10 sessions to rewire the brain's pathways and reset the nervous system, even a single session is a profound experience that will resonate with you for at least 24 hours afterward. 5 session Package is available. 我致力于提供全面且个性化的Lucia Light光疗。我们的转变之旅始于初步咨询,我们将投入时间深入了解您当前的情况、挑战和渴望。这次咨询将帮助我们制定一个根据您的具体需求和目标的个性化计划。 在咨询过程中,我们将探讨您希望通过Lucia Light 光疗解决的问题和期望达到的结果。这一关键步骤确保我们的疗程能够与您的独特情况相契合,促进最佳的效果和个人成长。 随后的疗程中,我将为您提供专属的一对一支持,为您在Lucia Light 光疗中的体验和领悟提供清晰的指导。我们的主要目标是深入了解构成您当前状况的核心因素。Lucia Light 光疗将帮助您发现并意识到影响您状况的各种因素。然后,您将学会使用适当的工具来管理情绪、思维、自动反应、回应和判断,从而影响您的生活。 虽然我们建议进行5-10次的疗程来重塑大脑的神经通路和重置神经系统,但即使进行一次疗程也将是一次深刻的体验,其影响将在疗程结束后至少持续24小时。
 提供 5 节课的套餐优惠。

Cancellation Policy 取消政策

IMPORTANT NOTICE, PLEASE READ: We have a strict 48 hours notice policy for cancellation or changes of scheduled private sessions. Clients will be charged the full rate for cancelling or missing appointments with less than 48 hours notice. If you booked a session but can no longer attend, you must cancel the booking or request for a change of appointment. To avoid affecting other clients' booking, we kindly ask you to please be punctual for your appointment. If you are late for more than 10 minutes, your appointment will be cancelled. Please allow extra 10 minutes for your appointment if this is your first time. Please also allow extra time for travelling to the venue and finding parking. 重要通知,请阅读: 我们有严格的 48 小时通知政策来取消或更改预定的私人会议。 客户将被收取在少于 48 小时通知的情况下取消或错过约会的全额费用。如果您预订了课程但无法再参加,您必须取消预订或要求更改约会。 为了避免影响其他客户的预约,我们要求我们的客户准时。 如果您迟到超过 10 分钟,您的会话可能会被缩短或可能不得不取消。如果这是您的第一次,请为您的预约多留 10 分钟。 还请留出额外的时间前往场地和寻找停车位。

Contact Details 联系方式

  • Heart Sanctuary, Jalan Klang Lama, Pusat Dagangan 3rd Mile Square, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    +6016 735 1413

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