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Image by Linus Nylund


Usually, life is understood as an endeavour to achieve moments of wellbeing and to remain there.

Hypnagogic Light Experience through Lucia N°03 (Lucia Light Therapy) makes it possible to experience wellbeing as consciousness, which - superimposed by thinking and feeling - can not be reduced to physical or psychological processes.  From this perspective, wellbeing can never be lost, but overlooked at most.  What one fights, defends itself, what one cuts, grows - whenever ones focus of attention lies, it is amplified.

In his studies on anthropology, Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, Viktor E. Frankl, distinguishes three levels of the human condition.  

A fulfilled life on these levels makes health and well-being possible:

  • Experience : finding and going through valuable and pleasurable experiences

  • Behaviour : performing satisfying actions

  • Attitude : having the right attitude towards life and even unbearable situations

Any disruption or limitation on the experience and behaviour levels are the subject of medical and psychotherapeutic endeavours.

The spiritual level of attitude was introduced by Viktor E. Frankl; to this date his followers have classified this as "Copernican revolution" in psychotherapy.  Let's take the example of a man so restricted by illness that he loses his meaning of life and living. By the way he bears this fate and changes his attitude, he is able to find new meaning and thus generate health.  Particularly in the past, it was religion that could convey human meaning beyond everyday behaviour and experience.

Experience "meaning" is an expression of mental health.  The Divine gives meaning to suffering and consequently man can maintain his health through suffering.  The mind is where Hypnagogic Light Experience occurs, it is the place where no medical, psychological or psychotherapeutic intervention takes place - what does take place is art.


Health means being able to completely live in the NOW.  We learn how much such moments ultimately stand for true quality of life and depth if we think about people in a hospice.  These are the moments we remember when life comes to an end, when health is no longer questioned.  Health literally means: The moment when everything is in order and there is no need for change.  Experiencing such moments has always been the aim of spiritual practices.  The myth of enlightenment is based on abandoning oneself to what is, only because it is.  No thought disrupts the moment perceived as sacred, which in reality is always the same.

By seeking out such a state, health and wellbeing can be experienced immediately, which leads to an overall positive psychophysical effect.

Going back to Viktor E. Frankl's interpretation, health is ever present but can be masked by focusing on symptoms.  Like the existence of the sun in a cloudy sky, illness never questions the existence of health.  Health can therefore never be lost, but merely "overlooked".

Consequently, the overlooked cannot be rediscovered by a concept, but only through experience - "Seeing again".  Lingering in the world of dreams and reality stabilises body and mind in an optimal way, "bypasses" illness and its symptoms and thus allows for the realisation of individual potential.

Lucia Light Therapy is not a treatment or therapeutic technique, which is why it is not for fighting worries either, but passes it by, turning consciousness as the ever present well-being.


It must not be misunderstood as a substitute for conventional treatment methods, even though exposure to the light may well increase efficiency or shorten a course of therapy.  Dismissing the false concept of "lost well-being" will lead to a change in attitude.  This results in improved quality of life.  Since a direct correlation between attitude and the nervous, immune and hormonal systems exists, the use of Lucia Light Experience represents a psycho-neuroimmunological approach.

The technique of Lucia Light Therapy with the assistance of a Light Facilitator, is provided as an ability available at all times.

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