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There have always been people who report on awareness that cannot be described in words and that is all-encompassing.  Indeed herein also lies the reason for enlightenment to be seen as something desirable.  It is more appropriate to speak of natural consciousness, awareness of being, which - superimposed by thinking and feeling - is easy to overlook.

Viktor E. Frankl, the founder of logotherapy and existential analysis, described this spiritual dimension of man as an instance that represents the source of human existence, not accessible to any disease.

While a child differentiates himself from teenagers and teenagers from adults, in terms of a steady change in his experience and behaviour, the permanent availability of this unchanging consciousness is the lowest common denominator and critical for any self-awareness.  Light and consciousness mirror the dual nature of the same phenomenon: light manifests itself as matter and energy, consciousness as body and mind.

Tracks of enlightenment processes can be traced back to ancient times.  Under special conditions, a "light experience" leads to profound changes in attitude and thus to a total reorientation of the organism.  This prompted Dr. Dirk Proeckl and Dr. Engelbert Winkler to investigate the neuropsychological contexts of this phenomenon in more detail. They took the fact that the brain does not recognise a difference between imagination and real events in key functional areas, and therefore involved external light sources in their work from the very beginning.  Eventually they managed to achieve the desired light effects using a combination of certain frequencies of pulsed light.  In doing so, the development of a neurostimulator was just the first step towards a comprehensive procedural concept.

Throughout Hypnagogic Light Experience with Lucia N°03 (Lucia Light Therapy), the portal opens to a journey that begins at its destination: the common source of light and consciousness.

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